Wholesale Buyers Club

You’ve heard of Sam’s Club, you’ve heard of Costco… now introducing:

The Midwest Wellness Club
Wholesale Buyers Club!

Yes, you can join our Wholesale Buyers Club! The Wholesale Buyers Club gives you any one or ALL of these benefits:

** Wholesale discounts of 25% to 50% with your Herbalife Product Discount on any and all Herbalife products you buy.

** If you want to share Herbalife with friends, you can profit up to 50%, because as a wholesale club member you are automatically licensed through Herbalife (but not obligated) to sell our products.

** You can choose our Auto ship program, which gives you 35% to 50% discount on your products. This is our HAP Program (Herbalife Advantage Plan).

Join today!

Become a Wholesale Customer and get 25-35% off the products!

Being able to purchase great products at a great price allows you (and your checkbook) to become happier and healthier, and perhaps even wealthier! This ensures that you will continue to get fabulous health, weight loss and personal care results, and that makes me happy. I love it when my customers are happy and getting positive results!


Simply purchase the International Business Pack (IBP) for just $54.95 plus tax/freight. Inside you will find (in addition to lots of information and a variety of sample products) an application that you fill out and return to me. Then in just a few days you will be able to:

  • Receive 25% off the full retail price of all products you purchase.
  • In addition, you will obtain the opportunity to sell products to the people who notice your positive results. Please note: You do not have to sell anything to receive the 25% price reduction. (But why would you want to pass this opportunity by? It is the perfect way to add an extra $600-$1500 a month to your present income, and all you have to do is to share your story with those who notice or hear about your own excellent results.


Once you are a wholesale customer, you can purchase products through the monthly auto-ship program. This allows you to:

  • Receive 35% off all the products!
  • Get the products automatically delivered to your door each month!! Note: There are No Obligations…you can change or stop your automatic monthly order at any time.
    Plus it’s FREE to join! There is a monthly minimum purchase of $100 worth of products – but with 35% off your cost is only $65 (plus tax/freight) for $100 worth of products!
  • If you are currently spending $100 a month at the retail prices, the cost of the IBP will pay for itself in less than 3 months – based on your discount of 25% and no selling to others. At a 35% discount, the return on your investment is 2 months or less, depending on whether you or not you are also selling the products. Naturally, if you are selling the products at full retail, with your 35% profit, the IBP will pay for itself within the first month!


Simply Contact Us in order to take advantage of this incredible offer. If you are ready to save money, or even make money – you can sign up!

The example below shows how being a part of the Wholesale Buyers Club affects the prices on the Weight Loss Programs:


Hope to be helping you join the club very soon!