We Need Help!


At Midwest Nutrition we are simply looking for teachable and motivated individuals that LOVE helping others!


  • No experience necessary.
  • Full training provided.

Ready or not ~ You Can Be A Wellness Coach!  We are in need of part time and full time Club Associates & Wellness Coaches to work in our Center.

If you have a passion for helping others, getting health, and learning about personal nutrition and weight management, then we want to talk with you.  Please review the video below for an overview of what it takes to be a Wellness Coach:

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Our wellness club has been exploding with business and we are actively recruiting Wellness Coaches. In order to apply you will need to become an Herbalife Distributor and then you may begin your training here at the Wellness Club or right from your home with the magic of technology!

Becoming a Distributor & Wellness Coach with Herbalife

Herbalife offers its Distributors an opportunity to achieve a lifetime of better health through its advanced weight-management and nutrition products. Many of our customers become a Herbalife distributor simply to enjoy our life-changing products, others want to share their results and take advantage of the many ways to earn income with the Herbalife business opportunity.

As a Distributor, you’ll have access to Herbalife’s International Success Training System. A system that is state of the art and helps you build your business locally as well as international. You will learn to build your business step by step, through proven methods that helps you reach your financial goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

With Herbalife, you can work part-time and earn a extra income or you can focus solely on your Herbalife business and building your distributorship and increase your financial rewards. It’s completely up to the individual how much he or she wants to achieve!

A Distributor earns profits by buying Herbalife products at wholesale and reselling them at retail. If the Distributor wants to enjoy the possibility of higher levels of income, he or she may sponsor others into the business and develop an organization. This will allow you to earn wholesale profit, royalties and bonuses.

How to become a Distributor? Follow these steps.

You can sign up online to become a Herbalife distributor in a few easy steps.

  • Step one: Write down your coach’s ID number and first three letters of their last name as you will need that info during the sign up process.  For example if Jerry is your Coach then you will need 10480485 and “KLI”
  • Step two: click on Herbalife’s online signup link

Follow the instructions and you will be registered as a new distributor with Herbalife International. You will be able to place orders directly from Herbalife with your own Herbalife ID number at an initial discount of 25%-35% within the next 10 minutes. Your discount can grow to 50% as the more products you move, the more you save. The marketing plan will be fully explained in the (IBP) International business pack you will receive from Herbalife.