What is a Nutrition Club?

NutritionClubLogo1Nutrition Clubs come in 3 flavors (pun intended), Residential, Corporate and Commercial. The purpose of a Nutrition Club is to provide an environment that creates an atmosphere for socialization and education about nutrition for all people in the community as well as to provide healthy alternatives to the typical foods that people pick up on the run. We are ‘Fast Food For Smart People”!

Residential Clubs are run from home offices of local Wellness Coaches who conduct wellness services by appointment.

Corporate Clubs are run from breakrooms of local businesses/offices and are open for breakfast and lunch to provide healthy choices for an office staff.

Commercial Clubs are run from public (commercial) locations usually between 500 and 1500 sq ft in size. Commercial clubs rely more on foot traffic and daily invitations than do Residential Clubs, but both conduct business in a similar fashion and offer comparable services.

The purpose of a Nutrition Club is to bring good nutrition to a community of like-minded individuals who periodically meet and recognize one another for their friendship & nutrition results. Nutrition Clubs also provide a valuable service, informing people about the importance of good nutrition and regular exercise in order to achieve optimum health.


Interested in starting a Residential or Commercial Nutrition Club?

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